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Diving Tower Berlin

The core of the DLRG building is the Diving tower. It serves several objectives:

1. Training and instruction for life-saving, professional and sport divers.

2. For the treatment of dive accidents and Caisson workers.

3. Pressure chamber tests for the examination of diving capability.

4. For scientific work on the field of underwater medicine.

5. Overpressure chamber treatment of dive accidents.

6. For the testing of new equipment under the pressure of 15 bar.

The Diving Tower consists of an approximately 12m high steel tower filled with 31 cbm of water (= 8m water column). Attached to this tower is a pressure chamber with the capacity of 6 people with one oxygen breathing place each, as well, the possibility to work with mixed gases (helium, oxygen or trimix). The diving tower can simulate depths of up to 100 meters. People can participate in a simulation with a maximum water depth of 50m.

This kind of diving tower is unique worldwide.

Under secure conditions, divers can perform dives beyond the 30m mark, and due to this training, divers will improve their perception of the first indications of danger in the free water.

Contact and Information

Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft
Landesverband Berlin
Tauchturm Berlin
Bundeslehr- und Forschungsstätte (BLFS)
Am Pichelssee 20- 21
D-13595 Berlin

E-Mail: tauchturm(at)berlin.dlrg.de 
Phone: +49 30 / 362 095 - 40 or 50
Fax: +49 30 / 362 095 - 99

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