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Conditions for the Use of the DIVING TOWER BERLIN (Diving-Simulation)

Terms and Conditions

For the use of Berlin Diving Tower


 Operator: Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V. – Landesverband Berlin e.V. (DLRG)

Am Pichelssee 20-21, 13595 Berlin

 01 All decisions made by our experienced and skilled Staff of the Pressure Chamber (SPC) serve the sole purpose to garantee a safe and calm session and is obligatory for every diver.

 02 The minimum age for the use of the simulation in the DIVING TOWER BERLIN is 14 years. Divers with the age between 14 and 16 years are not allowed to dive beyond 30m, for those older, there exists the restriction of a maximum water depth of 50m.

During the descent (to the maximum of 42m), the divers are situated in the tower chamber (in the dry area). The divers are in the water during the time of emerging, their heads are above the water surface. During the phase of decompression, it is mandatory to breath through the regulator.

For the actual dive, the divers (min. three, max. six divers per dive), will use illuminated wet area between the working chamber and tower chamber, at the 8m depth.

 03 All divers must present valid medical documentation of examination, and a written record verifying the current level of the performance/diver's logbook (see point 05) at the beginning of the briefing. If the diver is less than 40 years old, the medical evidence may not be older than two years. Otherwise, the documentation must have been issued, a maximum a year before. Divers who do not comply with these standards cannot participate in any dive! There are no exceptions!

 04 At the beginning of a session, the SPC will ask for any physical or mental restrictions. The SPC must be informed (if appropriate, in confidence) about any restrictions of all kinds and of the use of any drugs, even medical prescribed. Divers under the influence of alcohol, calming or stimulating drugs, or preparations reducing the swelling of the mucosa must not participate in any dives.

 05 Divers without the completed diving training are only allowed to dive without pressure (8m). Training dives in the company of a trainer are allowed to a water depth of maximum 20m with pressure. All others are allowed to dive to the water depth of 50m with pressure. If there is a group with completely unskilled divers (with less than 10 dives in a water depth of more than 10m), the responsible SPC may decide to reduce the pressure and hence the water depth.

 06 Divers must respect the general binding diving rules (e.g. sufficient hydration before and after the dive). In a period of 24 hours, divers may participate in maximum 2 dives with a water depth of 50m, if there is a break of at least 12 hours between the dives. After a 50m dive, divers are not allowed to enter a plane for the next 36 hours. Please note only divers breathing air according DIN EN 12021 (oxygen content shall be in the range of 21% (+/-1) is allowed to use together with an self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) diving equipment.

 07 The contract partner assures that the divers during the session, and during each dive, are accompanied by a professional translator, if they do not speak and understand the German language properly.

 08 The SPCs and the responsible diving physician decide whether a diver will be exempted due to reasons mentioned above.

 09 If a diver has problems during the descent, such as clearing his ears, he will be exempted from the dive. This person must not enter the Diving Tower for same day.

 10 The SPCs will change the agreed diving rules if the security for the group and their interests demand those actions. This will be mentioned during the session. Diving profile and progress of each dive will be documented with a pressure recorder and a video record.

 11 Directy before, and after each simulation, - and again after 30 minutes, - the SPCs will perform some combination of concentration and coordination tests. The divers are supposed to stay near the Diving Tower for this period of time.

12 Extended diving profiles with extended decompression breaks, and approved security standards, do not suggest medical damage in relation with dives in the DIVING TOWER BERLIN. However, we must point out that there is "personal rest risk" known to every diver and linked to every dive. The operator and the SPCs are not liable for any damage caused.

 13 Unidentified medical restrictions must be reported directly after a dive to the SPC and - after leaving the building - to the BLFS of the DLRG, Tel. +49 30 362 095-0.

 14 Air tanks without soil protection, fins and knives are not allowed in the Diving Tower. The use of tare weights is permitted if the SPCs accept. Breath regulators and tanks with and without supporting frame can be rented.

 15 The operator is not liable for any damage and restrictions of the user, or the equipment caused in the dives of the DIVING TOWER BERLIN unless on the grounds of intent or gross negligence.

 16 These conditions are part of the contract with the DLRG. The contract partner should brief his divers in time - even in the course of the event planning - about the content and compliance.

 last edited: 30.04.2015

Contact and Information

Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft
Landesverband Berlin
Tauchturm Berlin
Bundeslehr- und Forschungsstätte (BLFS)
Am Pichelssee 20- 21
D-13595 Berlin

E-Mail: tauchturm(at)berlin.dlrg.de 
Phone: +49 30 / 362 095 - 40 or 50
Fax: +49 30 / 362 095 - 99

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